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  • Open models from your Workbench inside KeyShot and publish images and scenes back to GrabCAD.
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Render kings rejoice! The integration between Luxion KeyShot and GrabCAD Workbench is even tighter. Now it’s even easier to collaborate on and share your visuals, whether you’re seeking to show them to everyone or only within a private project.

Allows you to immediately load your model directly into KeyShot from GrabCAD Workbench. Once the model is imported and the KeyShot scene is complete, users can upload the KeyShot scene file (.bip) back to their Workbench and share. This also provides the ability to download the .bip file directly from a Workbench and back into KeyShot again.



Free with KeyShot 4.2 and later

How to use

  1. Install KeyShot 4.2 or later
  2. Select a file in GrabCAD Workbench
  3. Select "Open in KeyShot" from the "Open With" menu
  4. Set up your scene - modifying materials, adding lighting, and so on
  5. Clicking Save will save your scene file (.bip) locally, and then it will upload this file to Workbench so you can access this same scene later from Workbench.
  6. Save a Render to your KeyShot Library. Right-click on this image and select "Publish to GrabCAD" to upload this rendering to Workbench.

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