Approximate vs. Involute Gear Tooth Profile in CATIA V5

This BND TechSource video shows how to create a “template” part for an Involute Spur Gear.

This part may be modified by simply changing the parameters of any/all of the following three formulae:
z - number of teeth // real parameter [z = input]
Rpa - Ref Pressure Angle // angle parameter [Rpa = input]
m - module // length parameter [m = input]

And the Undercutting issue can be resolved by introducing Profile Shift which affects the Center Distance between gears as well as adjusting the Addendum and Dedendum circles.
Ad – Addendum circle // length parameter [Ad = input]
Dd – Dedendum circle // length parameter [Dd = input]

Excel Involute Spur Gear Calculator with macro:

  1. Step 1: