Best CAD Tutorial | Designing a Laptop Stand for Asus Zenbook | SolidWorks Tutorials

Laptop Stands are simple and amazing tools that make the usage of laptop more ergonomic and comfortable. This laptop design was designed using accurate dimensions as close as possible.
NB: I only made a mistake with the thickness of the laptops ie the elevated small portion infront to prevent laptop from falling is slightly higher than it should be. This can still be used though or you can edit the dimension.
The solid part can also be 3d printed and used if your printer is big enough

If you want to know how to 3d Print it too you can leave a comment and i would point you to one of my youtube videos that teaches you how to do that exactly

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FYI: Laptop stands are...
-Lightweight and portable
-Ergonomic on finger and palms(ie prevent pains and aches)
-Some are able to prevent overheating of laptop
-Protection from Spill and Mess
-It increases comfort and productivity

  1. Step 1: Designing the model