Bringing Stickiness to Smooth PEI Spring Steel sheet

PEI is a consumable one after a number of cyclic usage on PEI sheet pasted spring steel sheet (build plate). If PEI is consumed then sticky property will not occur to catch printable over the steel. For this, we can use gule stick and IPA (Iso-propyl Alcohol) to bring a smooth sticky layer.

Here used build plate is Prusa i3 MK3 spring steel sheet pasted with PEI sheet on both sides.

Explanation Video:
Application Video:

Idea credits: Maker's Muse -

  1. Step 1: Clean with IPA

    Overall Explanation Video

    Step 1:

    When the sheet is cool down, clean it with IPA to remove previous impressions, dirt and oil.

    Let it dry for the next step.

  2. Step 2: Apply Glue stick

    Apply the glue stick randomly and neither too thick nor too thin.

  3. Step 3: Spray IPA

    Spray the IPA such that glue will melt like ghee.

    Leave it for 5 to 8 seconds. Visually we can see the melting of glue.

  4. Step 4: Spread the formation

    Using paper towel (or tissue paper), spread the formation of melted glue in IPA throughout the sheet.

    While Spreading and smoothing, the IPA start evaporating and glue stick will uniformly spread over the sheet.

    Now sheet will be ready with sticky property as like PEI.

    If you touch the surface, there you can feel the stickiness.

    Overall Application Video