Creating a model of CYBERTRUCK on Fusion 360

Hi Designers,

This is probably my first tutorial video in which a step by step tutorial is provided. Cybertruck is one of the greatest marvel in automobile world because of its unique aerodynamic properties.

The commands used are:
1 . Insert Canvas for getting an outline of tesla.
2. Tracing through line command
3. Fillet, chamfer and arc.
4. Shapes such as circle and hexagon for wheels.
5. Trim and Mirror.
6. Extrude or Pad (Q)
7. Construct Plane: Offset to selected plane, inclined at an axis.
8. Offset
9. Cut
10. Move and copy

And many more...

The rendering is also done at the end of this tutorial.
The CAD file has already been uploaded in Models section.

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  1. Step 1: Introduction to Fusion workspace and Modelling

    Please follow this link for step by step guide.

  2. Step 2: RENDERING

    Please follow this link for rendering views and modelling animation

  3. Step 3: IMAGES

    Attaching few rendered images.

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