Designing Approximate Spur Gear in CATIA V5 (Method 2 of 4: Design Table from MS Excel)

This BND TechSource video shows how to create a “template” part for an Approximate Spur Gear.

The difference is; this template is controlled via an MS Excel spreadsheet.

This part may be modified by simply changing the parameters of any/all of the following four formulae on the spreadsheet:

z - number of teeth // real parameter [z = input]
Rpa - Ref Pressure Angle // angle parameter [Rpa = input]
m - module // length parameter [m = input]
a – center to center distance [a = input]

Next we will look at using Import Parameters (from .xls(x) or.txt file) to feed the parameter data and update the Spur Gear.

Excel Design Table:

  1. Step 1: