Extrusion of a self intersecting/open profile

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Normally CATIA does not allow user to extrude an open or self intersecting profile. It is not possible to extrude such profile unless you define a thickness of the extrusion.

  1. Step 1:

    Follow these steps to extrude an open and/or self intersecting sketch.

    1. Create a sketch with an open and/or self intersecting profile - Fig.1.


    2. Use this sketch to create a Pad, in the Feature Definition Error window click on Yes - Fig.2


    3. In the Pad Definition, in Profile/Surface section check the option Thick - Fig.3. Click on More to expand the Pad Definition window.


    4. Define thickness or thicknesses of the extrusion in the Thin Pad - Fig.4. And click on OK.


    5. An extrusion of a self intersection and open profile has been created - Fig.5.



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