Fastest way of drawing car rims

Folow these steps to really quickly create awesome looking car rims for any car . Have on mind these rims won't match 1:1 scale because we will use pictures as references. Also these rims will only look good but won't be functional and usable for real life appliance. Only for renders.

Goal of this tutorial is to create a good looking car rim as fast as possible.

  1. Step 1: Preparation

    Before you start drawing the rim you'll need 2 things. Section view of the rim (Picture 1) and front view of the rim you want to draw (Picture 2) .

    ( Picture 1 )

    ( Picture 2 )

  2. Step 2: Setting up picture refrences in SOLIDWORKS

    After acquiring pictures insert section view of rim on your right plane by starting a sketch on it and then insert picture by clicking

    Tools>Sketch Tools>Sketch Picture

    Once you select your picture set it to be in a way that its center is placed in center of your coordinate system (like shown on picture below) . I also recommend to set Transparency>Full image > 0.5

    Finish the sketch .

    Start another sketch on front plane and repeat steps for inserting the picture.

    In many cases pictures you insert wont match up in size so resize them until outside diametars are the same and set its center to center of your coordinate system ( like shown on picture )

    Once done , finish the sketch and continue.

  3. Step 3: Creating PART 1

    Create a sketch on right plane and folow the outlines of the rim . Also draw centerline around which we will do Revolved Boss/Base

    Finish the sketch.

    Create Revolved Boss/Base of the sketch we drew before.

    Once done continue .

  4. Step 4: Creating PART 2

    Start sketch on right plane and try emulating the curvature ( basicaly the look of the rim ) of the selected rim . Most of the time you just have to imagine it in your head as most of the times rimes you'll be drawing wont't have section views presented .

    Also draw centerline around which we will do Revolved Boss/Base

    Finish the sketch and do Revolved Boss/Base but untick Merge result

    Once done hide part one and leave only part 2 visible.

    When done , continue to next step.

  5. Step 5: Creating pattern

    Now create sketch on front plane and follow the shape of the rim that we will cut out later .

    Watch out for the angles .

    Once sketch is done Extrude cut it only through part 2

  6. Step 6: Repetition

    You can repeat step 4 and 5 when you want to create more complex rims. I'll only have to do them once more to create a part on which I'll drill holes for screws ( shown on picture )

    When you're finished and have all the parts continue to next step.

  7. Step 7: Combine

    In this step show every parts previously drawn and Combine them all togeither to form 1 solid part.

  8. Step 8: Adding fillets and chamfers

    Once done with combine start adding fillets and chamfers to emulate the looks of reference rim picture .

  9. Step 9: Finishing touches

    Now you can add holes for bolts , bolts , engravings , etc.

    I'm only going to add holes for bolts in this example.

  10. Step 10: And you're done

    Now you can render your rim . Add a tire to it and then fit them on your car.