How To Create 3D Street Using SimLab Composer?


To create 3d Street using Simlab Composer, Follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Open The SimLab Composer

    * Open the SimLab Composer, you can start the program by double-clicking its desktop shortcut or from the start menu.

  2. Step 2: Create a Composite Path First

    * To create 3D Street, you must create a Composite Path first, click Create → Paths → Composite.

    * When you click on it, the Path Creation dialog will appear, In this dialog there are two methods to pick points: in 3d or on plane, select on plane then click OK.

    * In the message below, you can create a path by three ways: Line Segment, B-Spline or ARC Line, select B-Spline.

    * Now, start drawing the path on the plane in scene, click on any position in plane to put the start point, then put the second point etc. when you finish, click OK.

    * To edit the path, select any point on the path then move it.

  3. Step 3: Create a 3D Street

    * Now the path is ready to create a street on it.

    * Click Create → Feature → Street, the Street Creation dialog will appear.

    * In this dialog above, you can find different type for street: a Flat Shape, a Elevated, or a Elevated With Pavement.

    * Also you can set the textures for street and pavement once you click on (+) in the textures side in the window, when you finish, click Create.

  4. Step 4: Tutorial Result

    * Now the street creation and it will appear as a new object in Objects Tree.


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