How to design model of propeller, with respect to its lifting Capabilities in solid works?



I am having quit little knowledge about the fluid dynamics. But its enough to understand the working criteria of propeller.
I am still studying more about the Aero-dynamics shape and CFD analysis.

Will you elaborate little more enough about the CFD analysis.
And about the thing which i wanna build is almost completed, I will send the detail file CAD through mail.

Just simply stuck on the propeller design, and with your answer i am totally cleared my remain doubts.

Your words are helpful for me.
Like this:

1- The more propeller diameter-the less pitch, the better performance.
2- The less Area ratio Ae/Ao the better.
if R is the propeller radius: Ae/ao= Propeller_area/PI R²)
3- The less number of blades the better.
4- The less RPM the better.

Thanks and regards to get more about CFD Analysis.

  1. Step 1:



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