How to Draw a Circular Bench Saw in Solidworks

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    Circular saw bench bench with different height adjustment with details and measures

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    Customized design (machine design) of circular bench saw - mechanical design carried out in SolidWorks with 3D animation.

    Circular saw is a metal disk or blade used to cut wood or other materials such as acrylic [1]; it can also refer to the machine that holds the disc and makes it spin.

    The circular bench saw is a type of machine optimized for two types of cuts: transverse and straight, with the transverse cut being made through a small piece of wood, while the straight cut is made across the entire length of a piece of wood . Some machines already come with cut guides attached and knowing which cut will be made is a way to predict how the guides will be used [2].

    In turn, the cutting guide helps to push the workpiece while cutting is carried out, keeping the angle constant. The side guide, in turn, is positioned horizontally on the side of the table, to assist in cutting long pieces.

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    how to make a homemade table saw with circular saw

    Melamine, plywood or other board for table top and legs

    Wood screws (50mm) and 16mm with flat head

    Circular saw

    Zip tie

    Power strip


    Drill and bits



    A file

    For table saw top, I'll use some old laminated particle board also know as melamine. It's 1.8cm thickness, 50cm wide and 80cm long. I think it was a part of cabinet or closet before. But it will work for me ideal - because this board is straight, and all edges are perfectly square.

    Put circular saw in my preferred place. I wanted to have 30cm from front to the saw, but that's depends from your personal mind.

    Checked does everything is square, and marked fixing points. Predrilled and screwed all 5 screws in. I used 16mm wood screws with flat head. This will give more holding surface and sits better, to flat circular saw base. Let's check does it still perpendicular to surface, and to front edge.

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