How to make a stainless steel effect in vray sketchup

This tutorial will tell you an easy way to make an iron or aluminum effect on a vray rendering machine

  1. Step 1: introduction

    In this stainless steel setting I will use the Reflection layer. If previously the Reflection layer was more often used to make glass transparant material, but this time I will try to use that layer to create a shiny iron effect.

    For the basic material, I prefer to use color material. Besides being easy to set up, using color as a base material will not make the program heavy. Now if we want more powerful results, we can add Bitmap material to the configuration menu. These tips will help you produce realistic images

    One more factor that we need to pay attention to is the intensity of the light. Because the main basic of rendering is lighting. Use enough lighting with a balanced intensity.

  2. Step 2: how to make it

    The first stage is to prepare the 3D object first. Now in this tutorial I use a teapot and ball modeling. The second modeling will later I change the effect into a shiny stainless steel material.

    Ohyeahh this tutorial will also use the Vray plugin, so make sure the Sketchup program you use has the plugin installed.

    #1 Now if we prepare the two steps above, then the next step is to run the Sketchup Vray program on a computer or laptop, after that open / import the teapot modeling that we previously prepared.

    #2 After that, give the material to the modeling using black to make it easier to set up in the material editor.

    #3 Okay, then we enter the Vray Material Editor (M logo), then we set the color material by clicking Right → Create Layer → Reflection.

    #4 Now at this stage of management, we will reduce the Glossiness value to 0.8 and 0.7, after that we increase the Subdivs value to 30. For more details, please see the image below.

    5# Oh, one more thing, don't forget to click the M logo next to Reflection and then change the parameters from TexFresnel to None

    #6 Okay, if all parameters are set, then the last step we can test rendering to see the results as a whole

    If the stainless effect resulting from the above settings is less realistic, we can change the value in the Glossiness section to be higher, but not too high, instead, the glass or mirror effect will appear.

    Thank you