How to mention someone in GrabCad


I've noticed that many "GrabCad"ers still don't know how to mention each other.
Some just type his/her name, while others copy his profile link !!!

  1. Step 1: Marking

    Just mark the user's name...

    Simple, isn't it???

  2. Step 2: Copying

    Right click the selected name, then click "Copy"

    Tip for Lazy ones:

    Ctrl+C is much faster.

  3. Step 3: Paste

    Right click in the typing area and click "Paste"

    Lazy ones don't be sad, press Ctrl+V and you won't move your hand

    Like for the rhyme ...

    And now your comment must look like this:

    Now clicking on the blue text will automatically open the user's profile.

    Hope you found this tutorial useful.