How to parameterize a rim in Catia and create a catalog

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This tutorial only shows you how to add parameterize certain dimensions of a rim in Catia, it doesn't shows how to make a rim from the beginning. In the second part of the tutorial you can see how to create a catalog, in order to have different sizes of the same rim and how to add different versions of this rim in a assembly, using the browser catalog.
You can see the 3D model here: „Tsunami blaster” 5 ½ J x 14H2 ET 35

  1. Step 1: Add the parameters

    After you created the rim in Catia, you can start to add parameters and them link those parameters to certain dimensions of the rime, like the rim diameter, the rim width, the bolt circle diameter, etc.

  2. Step 2: Create the catalog

    Next you can create a catalog with different sizes of the same rim model. You can see in the video above how to edit the excel. It is very important to add a column that is called PartNumber, with a different number for each version of the rim.

  3. Step 3: Using the catalog browser

    In the end of the video, you can see how to use the catalog browser in the assembly module, too add any version of the rim that you desire.


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