How to setup Creo for Home office | Creo Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I am going to show you How to increase the speed of the visualization and animation of modeling while you are connected remotely from the Home Office.

  1. Step 1:

  2. Step 2: Used configuration option in the video:

    prehighlight no

    save_instance_accelerator NONE

    show_axes_by_view_scope all_sub_models

    blended_transparency yes

    orientation isometric

    clearance_triangulation none

    hlr_for_quilts YES

    show_axes_for_extr_arcs YES

    show_geom_checks_on_creation YES

    texture NO

    transparency NO

    display shadewithedges

    save_clipped_view no

    tangent_edge_display no

    fast_highlight yes

    shade_quality 1

    shade_surface_feat no

    shade_with NO

    capped_clip no

    edge_display_quality low

    display_silhouette_edges no

    lods_enabled yes

    lods_value 0

    skip_small_surfaces yes

    fasthlr yes

    display_images no