Make a grid in CATIA Sheet Metal using Louver feature


Here is a demonstration showing you the design of a simple grid in CATIA 3DExperience.

The Sheet Metal Design application, based on industry process features, allows you to create quickly a plate that you can bend and add stamps, dowels, bridges, etc.
In this video you will see how to use the Louver feature that allows you to design a grid in only 5 min!

  1. Step 1: Video

  2. Step 2: Create a plate

    Open the Sheet Metal Design application

    * the 3Dpart panel appears *

    Create a 3Dpart called "Grid"


    click on the global parameters

    set the thickness to 0,3mm

    set the radius to 1mm

    * this will apply for all the features of your design *


    Draw a centered rectangle 400*250mm

    Exit the sketch

    Create a wall with the profile

    * the thickness is automatically set up to 0,3mm *

  3. Step 3: Add holes to corners

    Edit the sketch

    Add R20mm fillets on the for corner

    Select the centers of the fillets

    Click on output feature

    * in that way, the points will be shown when you exit the sketch *

    * The points should be visible *


    Create a hole Ø15mm using the point

    * if the hole is not centered with the point, edit the sketch and add a coincidence between the 2 points *

    Do the same with the 3 other holes

    * tips: select the point first, then the plane or surface *

    * The result should be this one *

  4. Step 4: Create the Louver

    Create a sketch on the plate's surface

    Draw a centered rectangle 325x15mm and 110mm from center of the sketch

    * like this *


    Use the louver with the rectangle profile

    Select the opening edge (bottom line)

    Set 5mm in height

    Angle a1 45deg

    Angle a2 80deg

    Click on OK

    * The result should be this one *

  5. Step 5: Pattern the Louver

    Go transform tab on the action bar

    click on rectangular pattern

    * select instances and length type *

    Instances 10

    length 220mm

    * be sure that the direction is vertical *

    * here is the result you should obtain *

  6. Step 6: Refine the louver

    Edit the sketch of the louver feature

    Add fillets R7,5mm on the top corners

    Exit the sketch

    * the part will be automatically updated *

    • end of tutorial


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