Metal Sink using sheet metal and form tool

How to create a simple household metal sink using sheet metal in Solidworks 2018 and Form tool. It can also be created just using feature tools but form tool allows for better practical realization.

  1. Step 1: Creating base sketch.

    Select top face and create the following sketch.

  2. Step 2: Creating base flange

    2.a. Use Base/Flange tool and give thickness of 1.5mm (sheet metal parameter) followed by K factor to 0.5 and also set relief ratio to 0.5.

    2.b. In the feature tab, right click on 'sheet metal' and click edit feature to set bend radius to 2mm.

  3. Step 3: Create Miter Flange

    3.a. Click on Miter Flange tool in sheet metal tool box and select the top edge.

    Make sure to click on the right half of the edge to create the miter profile plane at the nearest edge point.

    3.b. Click the normal view and create the profile as shown. (Make sure that the sketch length 20mm is parallel to the short edge of the sheet. In case of an arc profile it should be tangent to the short edge) Click exit sketch and the flange can be seen.

    3.c. In Miter Flange tab, select 'material outside' in Flange position. Rotate the part and select the following lower edges to further propagate the flange.

    Click OK.

  4. Step 4: Create first form

    4.a. Open new part. Create the sketch as follows.

    4.b. Use extrude tool in feature toolbar. Thickness to 4 mm and draft as 45 degrees. (flip direction if needed)

    4.c. Create sketch on the top surface. (Right click on the top surface and select sketch)

    • Create centered rectangle with dimensions 900x450

    • Extrude the sketch 20 mm in the other direction.

    4.d. Use fillet tool in feature toolbar. (2mm) Select the face as shown. Click OK.

    4.e. In sheet metal toolbar click 'form tool'. Select the surface as the stopping surface and click OK.

    4.f. Save the part in the design library directory under the folder Sink forms.

  5. Step 5: Use saved form tool

    • Open the base of sink created at the beginning. Right click on sketch and click show.

    • Open the design library on the right side of the SW window and locate the folder 'Sink forms'

    • Drag the first_form onto the top surface. If it does not work, right click on the sink forms folder and click forming tools folder.

    • Click the Positions tab on the Form Tool Feature box and use relations tool to align the centers. (One can also select both the points and click coincide in the properties manager)

    • Click OK thrice.
    • The first form feature has been used and the impression can be seen on the base of the sink.