NASA satellite design

In this tutorial I will show how to design a model body of a satellite.. But here I I do the assembly part of the design, I'm gonna upload the completed tutorial to the whole design later in couple days.

Here you can see the finished design and the assembly , the model of the design has advanced surface modeling and creating references planes, I also used many techniques and tools in this design .

you can watch the tutorial in my channel here:

  1. Step 1: Tutorial video of assembly

  2. Step 2: Uploading the "satellite base" first component

  3. Step 3: uploading "connector" second component and make mating between first part and second components.

  4. Step 4: uploading "carrier" third component and make mating between second and third components.

  5. Step 5: uploading "booster" the last component and make mating between the first and last components.

  6. Step 6: Here the final assembly view after assembly