Pick and place application with KUKA KR16 robot using v-rep and Matlab



Hi friends , in this tutorial I will show you how to create a pick and place simulation with the 6 DOF robot KUKA KR16 .
Contents :
** V-REP part :
1-Attach a gripper to the robot flange 1:00
2-Add a conveyor 3:51
3-Set the robot in the inverse kinematic mode 7:22
4-Generate an infinite number of pieces 10:14
** Matlab part :
5-Gripper function 13:13
6-Linear move function 15:47
7-Pick and place function 20:30
8- main code 24:33
all the matlab remote API functions are available here :
I hope it's helpful and if you have question , I will do my best to answer them
If you want to do this simulation again , you can download the KUKA KR 16 from here :
Facebook page :
Thank you for watching.

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