SolidWorks Tutorial Indonesia #005 (Eng Sub) - Maksud Design (Design Intent)


SolidWorks Video Tutorial Series (Online Training)
"SolidWorks Fundamental Basic (Part, Assembly & Drawing)"

SolidWorks Tutorial Indonesia #005 || English Subtitle
"Maksud Design || SolidWorks Design Intent"

Topic : Maksud Design (SolidWorks Design Intent)

Speaker : Ridwan S ( )

Materi (Content) :
1. Design Intent,
2. Metode Pendekatan Design Intent (Design Intent Method Approach)
3. Metode Pendekatan Desain "Layer Cake" ("Layer Cake" Design Method Approach)
4. Metode Pendekatan Desain "Potter's Wheel" ("Potter's Wheel" Design Method Approach)
5. Metode Pendekatan Desain "Manufacturing" ("Manufacturing" Design Method Approach).

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  1. Step 1:

    All Step at Youtube Video at this link


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    Suraj kumar

    sir ;
    please tell me;
    how am i re modify downloaded any garb cad object;
    make a tutorial and send me a link;

    February 7th, 2018 08:40