SolidWorks Tutorial Indonesia #013 (Eng Sub) - Memilih Sketch Media (Choose The Sketch Media)

Link Tutorial Lengkap SolidWorks Essential Indonesia :

SolidWorks Video Tutorial Series (Online Training)
"SolidWorks Fundamental Basic (Part, Assembly & Drawing)"

SolidWorks Tutorial Indonesia #013 || English Subtitle
"Memilih Sketch Media || Choose The Sketch Media"

Topic : Memilih Sketch Media (Choose The Sketch Media)

Speaker : Ridwan S ( )

Materi (Content) :
1. Standard Sketch Medias
2. Cara Memilih Sketch Media (How to determine a Sketch Media)
3. Pertimbangan Dalam Memilih Sketch Media (Considerations in selecting sketch Medias)
4. Orientasi 'Arah' Part dalam Assembly (Part Orientatoin in Assembly)
5. Pandangan Isometric (Isometric View Orientation)

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