Spur gear (FCGear, Part & Techdraw WB)

This tutorial explains how to model a basic spur gear in FreeCAD 0.19 by using FCGear and Part Workbenches (WB).

  1. Step 1: Install FCGear WB (optional)

    (optional - if you have not yet installed FCGear WB)

    1) Go to -> Tools,

    2) -> Addon Manager,

    3) Select fcgear from the drop-down list,

    4) Click on Install/Update.

  2. Step 2: Creates and configure Involute gear

    1) Among the proposed functions, select "Creates an Involute gear" (the first one from the left),

    2) Configure the Involute gear with left panel. Normally, four parameters are enough to define a spur gear : Number of Teeth, Module, Pressure Angle, Width,

    For the example, parameters chosen are : height 13mm / module 2.0 / teeth 26 / pressure angle 20.00°

  3. Step 3: Add center hole

    1) Go to Part Workbench,

    2) Select Cylinder function to create a cylinder,

    3) Configure the cylinder, here parameters are : radius 10mm and height 13mm,

    4) Use Cuts function to subtracts the cylinder from the involute gear : first select involute gear then select cylinder (with key "Ctrl" pressed) then apply Cuts,

  4. Step 4: Add notch

    1) Select Box function to create abox,

    2) Configure the box, here parameters are : length 3mm / width 3mm / height 13mm,

    3) Place the box, here : x = -1.50 / y = 9.00 / z = 0.00,

    4) Use Cuts function to subtracts the box from the involute gear : first select the part then select box (with key "Ctrl" pressed) then apply Cuts.

  5. Step 5: Drawing example

    Below is an example of drawing that you can do with Techdraw WB :

    Six function were used :

    1) Insert View - to adds a front view of the spur gear and an isometric view ;

    2) Insert Section View - to inserts cross-section A ;

    3) Insert Detail View - to inserts detail views B and C ;

    4) New Horizontal to add dimmension 13,00 and 3,00 ;

    5) New Vertical to add dimmension 12,00 ;

    6) New Diameter to add dimmension 20.

  6. Step 6: Tips to add table to a drawing

    1) Export your drawing to SVG format and open it with Inkscape,

    2) Make a table in LibreOffice Calc and copy it (Ctrl+C),

    3) Paste it into Inkscape.