The New Vivid Materials: Why Should I Use Them?

Stratasys® recently rolled out some new vivid materials for the J750™/J735™ and Connex3 printers.
This tutorial will explain what new capabilities these vivids offer and some different ideas for applications.
We will be posting a second tutorial that will walk through how to print with the materials.

  1. Step 1: New color & design capabilities

    The new Vivid Cyan, Vivid Magenta, and Vivid Yellow expand the color gamut from approximately 350k colors to 500k colors. This, along with the newly expanded GrabCAD Print color profile, translates to a number of new color opportunities and design capabilities, including:

     ·      New shades of blue, yellow, purple, and orange

    ·        Brighter, more vivid colors

    ·      Deeper, truer shades of red than any that have previously been achieved with 3D printing

    ·        Smoother gradients between colors, like blue and black

    ·        Brighter whites

    ·        More control and accuracy while selecting colors

    ·        The option for transparency

  2. Step 2: Improvements to the printing experience

    The new vivids streamline the printing process as well, eliminating opportunities for error.

    ·        They make the color selection and proofing process faster and more effective

    ·        They further automate color profile matching from sRGB to CMYK. Before the vivid materials, some colors needed to be adjusted manually till they matched the colors selected on screen

  3. Step 3: Applications for the vivid materials

    Some applications of these expanded options include: 

    ·        Rapid prototyping for transparent parts

    ·        Highly realistic models with accurate colors

    ·        Toys

    ·        Transparent, colored lighting covers

    ·        Translucent colors that can mimic polycarbonate and acrylic™, creating clear colored parts for branding and package design. This has applications for a number of industries, including cosmetics, food and beverage, and home.

     We will be publishing another tutorial about how to work with the vivid colors in GrabCAD Print.

    In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions.