Transparent 3D Printing is Easy with GrabCAD Print


The visualization tools in GrabCAD Print make clear 3D printing easy! There are a number of ways to apply transparency to your part, and then view which areas will have a matte or glossy finish. This is really helpful so you can change the orientation of the part to suit your needs.

  1. Step 1: Make Sure VeroClear is Loaded

    VeroClear is the PolyJet 3D printing material you want for clear 3D printing because it offers strength and stiffness and can even blend with other materials.

    Check your printer's loaded materials to make sure you're ready for clear 3D printing!

  2. Step 2: Add Transparency

    To add transparency in GrabCAD Print, select the area of the part you want to make transparent. 

    • Click Print Settings
    • Click the color slider at the bottom

    Adjust the slider and move it to your desired transparency. As you move it, you'll notice the part becoming more transparent.

    Another way to add transparency is by simply inputting the Hex value into the code fields below the slider.

  3. Step 3: Check Support Visualization

    Once you've selected your desired transparency, it's important to check where the support material will touch your part-- because remember, this will affect whether it has a matte or glossy finish.

    As you rotate the preview image, you can clearly see which areas are glossy and which are matte. However, if you want to double check this, click the Realistic ball icon at the top of the menu.

    The Realistic view gives you a binary view of the part. The hatching is indicative of where the support is going to be touching your part.

    If you're not OK with where the support material touches your part, change your part orientation to get the surface finish you want.

  4. Step 4: Transparent 3D Printing

    For more transparency tips for clear 3D printing, check out these GrabCAD Tutorials: