Tutorial 75: Find the Best Laminate Configuration of a Composite Tube under compressive load


The Parameter feature connects Inputs and Outputs to the Parameter Interface in the Workbench project. There are three numerical variables which are diameter, laminate code and thickness. These variables should be applied to ascertain optimum condition for making composite. In this tutorial we are going to solve problem for specific laminated lay up to find critical buckling load on the composite tube model then by using parameter command in ANSYS we will ask software to solve problem for various laminate lay-up, thickness and tube diameter.
 Modeling composite tube geometry in ACP tools
 Define input parameters for the ply angle of all eight defined plies
 Importing model into static structural and applying boundary conditions and force
 Solve the model and define output parameter for Eigenvalue amount
 Specify design variations in ANSYS Workbench and update all design points

  1. Step 1:

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