Tutorial 76: Stress Analysis of Composite Pressure Vessel (Solid modeling)


Meshes can be imported into Mechanical from multiple systems. It is possible to combine composite shell, composite solid, and non-layered shell and solid meshes to perform mixed analysis. Mechanical does not allow overlap of node/element number from multiple systems; therefore, the import fails if the meshes from different systems are overlapping in node/element numbers. Meshes from upstream to downstream Mechanical Models are renumbered automatically to avoid any overlap. For every analysis system (mesh), you have the choice between automatic renumbering (default) and manual configuration. If automatic renumbering is disabled, you must ensure that the element/node numbering is unique for each mesh. In this tutorial, first we will model Composite pressure vessel in ACP then we will model metal parts in mechanical model and at the we will combine models in static structural.
 Solid modeling of composite vessel
 Add metal parts
 Transfer parts to ANSYS Mechanical
 Apply boundary conditions, loads and solve the model
 Evaluate solid model results in ANSYS Composite PrepPost

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