Tutorial 77: Modelling Composite T-beam in ACP


An Oriented Selection Set is an Element Set with additional information about the element orientations. The orientation direction of an Element Set is responsible for setting the stacking direction of the associated lay-up. The Reference Direction is responsible for setting the 0 direction of the associated layup. These two directions must be defined while other parameters like Selection Rules and Draping are optional. The laminate is modeled by defining different Oriented Selection Sets for the different regions. The modeling plies are then associated with the OSS and their order defines the stacking sequence of the laminate. The OSS feature allows you to define several offset directions for one element: OSS can overlap and can have different orientations. In this tutorial we are going to model T-Beam by defining various oriented selection sets. This beam is made from three main parts which are: Top and middle surface, Bonding and covering layers.
 Using multiple oriented selection sets to define a complex composite layup
 Tapering of core materials
 Using multiple rosettes and different selection methods

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