Tutorial 80: Debonding in composite model


Debonding is another type of interface/interphase failure, which is often classified as interfiber failure. It is simply attributed to the nature of the bond between fiber and matrix, whether occurring through a zero-thickness interface or an interphase region. Debonding is simply a loss of physica/chemical connection between the reinforcing material and the matrix. This could occur for part of a fiber, whole fibers, or many fibers. Simply we can say Debonding happen when two materials stop adhering to each other and Delamination when a laminated material becomes separated, perhaps induced by poor processing during production, impact in service or some other means.
 Set up properties for debonding separation inside engineering data
 Creating Composite model in ACP
 Using 2 solidmodels tools in ACP to create solid model
 use contact definitions with cohesive zone material inside Mechanical
 Introduction of Contact tools in mechanica
 Applying Boundary conditions and analysis settings
 Postprocessing

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