Tutorial 81: Reinforced Beam with Combination of Steel and Composite Material


Reinforced Concrete is a common building material for construction of facilities and structures. While concrete has high compressive strength, it has limited tensile strength. To overcome these tensile limitations, reinforcing bars are used in the tension side of concrete structures. In this tutorial, first we are going to model concreate geometry in mechanical model then we need to model 4 structural steel rebar in another mechanical model. at the end we are going to reinforced structural steel rebar by using 4 composite layers
 Creating all models in CAD software
 Using three different type of materials
 Connecting two mechanical models and ACP into static structural
 Applying boundary conditions, loads and solve the model
 Applying variable pressure on beam

  1. Step 1:

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  2. Step 2:


  3. Step 3:



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