Tutorial : NX Shortcut Keys

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Here is a list of most of the NX shortcuts, use these to increase your speed with utilizing this application

  1. Step 1:

    Ctrl-B; Edit, Blank
    Ctrl-C; Copy
    Ctrl-D; Delete
    Ctrl-E; Tools, Expression
    Ctrl-F; Fit View
    Ctrl-G; Grip Execute
    Ctrl-I; Information, Object
    Ctrl-J; Edit, Object Display
    Ctrl-L; Format, Layer Settings
    Ctrl-M; Application, Modeling
    Ctrl-N; File, New
    Ctrl-O; File, Open
    Ctrl-P; File, Plot
    Ctrl-R; View, Operation, Rotate
    Ctrl-S; File, Save
    Ctrl-T; Edit, Transform
    Ctrl-U; Execute User Function
    Ctrl-V; Paste
    Ctrl-W; Application, Gateway
    Ctrl-X; Cut
    Ctrl-Z; Edit, Undo
    Ctrl-Shift-A ; File, Save As
    Ctrl-Shift-B ; Edit, Blank, Reverse Blank All
    Ctrl-Shift-O ; Format, Layout, Open
    Ctrl-Shift-C ; View, Curvature Graph
    Ctrl-Shift-D ; Drafting
    Ctrl-Shift-F ; Format, Layout, Fit All Views
    Ctrl-Shift-S ; Tools, Macro, Step
    Ctrl-Shift-G ; Debug Grip
    Ctrl-Shift-H ; High Quality Image Part
    Ctrl-Shift-I ; Information, Object
    Ctrl-Shift-J ; Preferences, Object
    Ctrl-Shift-K ; Edit, Blank, Unblank Selected
    Ctrl-Shift-N ; Format, Layout, New
    Ctrl-Shift-P ; Tools, Macro, Playback
    Ctrl-Shift-Q ; Quick Shaded Image
    Ctrl-Shift-R ; Tools, Macro, Record
    Ctrl-Shift-T ; Preferences, Selection
    Ctrl-Shift-U ; Edit, Blank, Unblank All Of
    Ctrl-Shift-V ; Format, Visible In View
    Ctrl-Shift-Z ; View, Operation, Zoom
    Ctrl-Alt-B ; Tools, Boundary
    Ctrl-Alt-C ; Tools, CLSF
    Ctrl-Alt-M ; Application Manufacturing
    Ctrl-Alt-N ; Tools, Unisim
    Ctrl-Alt-W ; Application Assemblies
    Ctrl-Alt-X ; Tools, Lathe Cross-Section
    Alt-Tab ; Toggles Application
    Alt-F4 ; Closes Active Window
    F1 ; Help on Context
    F3 ; View Current Dialog
    F4 ; Information Window
    F5 ; Refresh
    F8; Closest Orthographic View
    Home; Trimetric View
    End; Isometric View


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