[VIDEO] FreeCAD 0.18 | Beginner Tutorial - Datum Planes And Lofting - 3D Modeling Low Poly Tree Trunk

This video series will show you how to model a product in FreeCAD 0.18. From blank space to a visual product! This time i designed a simple low poly tree trunk that i used to test my sample of 3D printable wood filament.
The tree trunk is built upon two datum planes, three profile sketches and a loft.
This is a beginner tutorial. It'll show you how to use basic design features in FreeCAD 0.18.
Features to take in mind are daum plane, loft, thickness and body appearance.

This video was recorded in the stable release of FreeCAD 0.18 (2019-04-04). https://www.freecadweb.org

  1. Step 1: Watch video!

    Watch my YouTube video to learn how i designed it in FreeCAD!