What About The Workbench In Grabcad? I cannot understand What It Do? Thanks.

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Is a beautiful creature of Grab-cad Member's.

  1. Step 1:

    Suppose you are in any firm, or modelling something for a client.
    Than how do you share you cad file????

    If you send them as attachment through E-mail, than may be they get some bit of version compatibility problem, model review problem and so-on.

    To minimize the difficulty while sharing the CAD files with the partner( Such as to firm, or to a client), The Grab-cad Workbench have importance,

    Through Work-bench you are able to share your model to any collaborator's, client and other very easily.

    Work-bench having a lots of feature to make your sharing the best.
    Like the work-bench have the feature to convert any file into any CAD software.
    You are able to view, explode and create pin to the model directly in your browser without having any CAD software.

    This is just sample work, Work-bench is so more than our expectation to share the file securely to any member's, client.


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