When I make a simplified part out of an assembly, the original .iam = 5mb. Why would the resulting .ipt be 9gb?


Hi Dan,

The simplify command as you can watch on the following video links creates a new view under the folder "Representations" on the assembly history tree...


Major purpose of this process is to share the least of the information with your clients, suppliers or partners... by Including only the essential components, defining envelops, etc.

On the same "Representation" folder you can actually find another two categories the "Position" and the "Level of Detail".

What you really need is to change the Level of Detail... Check Below --->

  1. Step 1:

    I have attached a table that will give you a very clear picture of what these three categories are. Referring to the LoD, Position Reps & View Reps

    The attached table is officially published here:

    What I recommend is to suppress the needless parts or sub-Assem by...

    1. Select, Right click, & Suppress...
    2. Then save your model...
    3. Results.... What will happened is that Inventor will create automatically a new level of detail and your actual model will become lighter...
    ...You can check the numbers in the right bottom corner...

    Make sure when you will import these huge assemblies to a new assembly environment to change the LoD if needed by just clicking on the new one that has been created earlier automatically...

    In fact you can rename this new LoD to "Major Volume Space" or similar

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