How to 3D Print from Adobe Photoshop

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Every sculpture, product, installation and building (successful and unsuccessful) starts with an idea. When it takes physical form, the designer gets valuable aesthetic and practical feedback. Here are some tips on when and how 3D printing can feed this process.

GrabCAD Print Now Supports KeyShot 3MF Files

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KeyShot 3D rendering software from Luxion Inc seamlessly integrates with GrabCAD Print for a smooth and quick export of 3MF files. This improved workflow enables designers to streamline their color workflow by exporting 3MF files that maintain color and texture data

How the New KeyShot & GrabCAD Print Integration Makes Applying Labels to 3D Models Very Easy

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Labels represent your product and brand. When designing your label, you want it just right especially after all the effort and time spent designing it. The last thing you want to worry about is color accuracy, position, readability, and all of that transferring perfectly when printing out your model. Thankfully, now that KeyShot integrates with GrabCAD Print, label headaches become a thing of the past with how simple this new workflow can be!

Create a texture file for a vertex painted model

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In my previous tutorials I have discussed the different ways that color can be assigned to models and how Photoshop can be used to make color adjustments for texture files. If such adjustments need to be made to a vertex painted model then this typically requires the original model file or specific design software such as ZBrush. But there is an easy way to create a texture file using Photoshop. Watch this video to find out more...

How to print flexible parts with multiple materials on Connex 3D printers?

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JP_011_GrabCAD Print: 「マットかグロス?」3D造形でどのような場合にどちらの仕上げを使用すればよいのか

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マット(艶消し)にするか、それともグロッシー(光沢)にするか、それが今回のテーマです。 PolyJetプリンタをお使いの皆さんは、部品をマット仕上げにすべきか、グロッシー仕上げにすべきかで悩むことがよくあります。 皆さんが頭を悩ませるのも無理ありません。それ以外の点はまったく同じの2個の部品でも、仕上げのタイプが異なると、見た目、感触、色、そして強度や耐久性までもががらりと変わってしまう可能性があるのです。どちらの仕上げにもそれぞれ、考慮すべき独自のメリットと影響があります。 このチュートリアルでは、マット仕上げとグロッシー仕上げの概要を説明し、それぞれの長所と短所を比較し、それぞれのタイプがどのような仕上がりにつながるのかを明確に示す例を紹介します。そして最後に、どのような場合にどちらの仕上げを使用すればよいのかを簡単に分類してまとめとします。

JP_005_GrabCAD Print: 部品摺動部の隙間をFDM造形する方法

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How to Work with Colors & Procedural Textures in KeyShot & GrabCAD Print

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Creating actual 3D depth and physical textures on your 3D models is one of the first steps to designing a realistic prototype that looks and feels how you want it to. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to work with procedural textures in KeyShot before you 3D print it using.

JP_007: Connex 3Dプリンタで複数の材料から柔らかい部品を造形する方法

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