How to Process STL Files for 3D Printing Using Insight

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This tutorial will give you a step-by-step procedure to aid in the generation of models. By following the steps of this tutorial, you can cut down on problems that can be easily overlooked. The following tutorial is brought to you by Stratasys.

Tutorial for MakerBot Print Software

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This Tutorial contains video of how to utilize makerbot print software for slicing a stl file to make it 3d printable and how to use the tools in makerbot print software
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Download zip. And read only files.

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This might help to get some of those files get used by solid works or inventor!

How to Make Pelton Wheel Turbine on 3D Printer

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Watch Video https://youtu.be/PCbqMFOO3do

Design of Water Wheel Run of River Project in SolidWorks

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Watch Video https://youtu.be/O93AwksMTvg