Non linear simulation with full explanation for beginners in solidworks

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Support this channel on paypal : paypal.me/nobodyknow137 (i will be thankfull if i get some support) in this video you will learn how to do non linear simulation in solidworks we will first create a sketch and apply boundary conditions like friction , no indentation displacement after that we will define tge mesh as per our requirement to get the better result in our non linear simulation

reciprocating mechanism

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catia reciprocating mechanism design (theory of vibration) and making it with lathe, gear shaper and hobbing machinery.


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Solidworks Animation and motion analysis Course link : https://www.udemy.com/course/solidworks-animation-and-motion-analysis/?referralCode=8F40E7F83856CFF0C5FE [Free till april 7 2021] blog link : https://www.engineerknow.com/2021/04/s-n-curve-explanation.html

Dynamic anti rotating mechanism with piston

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Dynamic anti rotating mechanism in solidworks (SUBSCRIBE TO MOTIVATE) Application: it is used to convert clockwise rotation to anticlockwise or vice versa where to use: it is used where u have to convert ur shaft direction suddenly (gear can also be used but this method will get less wear and tear if sudden change in direction occur) https://youtu.be/0ZgtoJNPfCk