New approach in designing and modelling an Oil pump using Inventor 2016

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Step by step tutorial videos, showing the easy way of modelling an Oil pump using Inventor 2016, how to create the parts, assemble them and drive gears, new approach make use of most Inventor specs, design center with some new tips & tricks ...

LEGO - 01 Basic Dimensions & Bricks Explained

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I get a lot of questions about how I create LEGO parts. This is Part I - The Basics. Most "standard" parts can be created using only simple math. Standard parts consist of square, circular, and angled blocks - regular geometric blocks. I will refer to BrickLink (www.bricklink.com/), but many others use similar methods: Peeron: http://www.peeron.com/ BrickOwl: http://www.brickowl.com/ Brickipedia: http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/LEGO_Wiki etc.

How to model a Centrifugal Pump Body (Spiral construction) using Inventor 2014?

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We have to abide by all the conditions from the technical drawing Note: You can watch my live tutorial for modeling this part here: https://youtu.be/yxEAv2p31zw

LEGO - 02 Building Bricks with Parameters

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I don't get asked this but it is a very powerful tool and will make your life a lot easier. This also applies to other repetitive parts, not just LEGO bricks, and can be applied with the exact same methods.

[VIDEO] Bending Plate Animation Inventor 2020 Tutorial

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This tutorial will show how to create a bending process of a plate in animation, hope this video will give you clear explanation. please leave comment below

Creating a pipe that bends in multiple directions at once in Autodesk Inventor

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Creating a pipe that bends in multiple directions, with the use of 3D sketch

Parametric Pipeshoe DN200-DN250

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Parametric modelling Example: Pipeshoe DN 200 and DN 250

Wiring in Autodesk Inventor

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This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to wire in Autodesk Inventor, any other questions related to wiring or anything you want to learn please email me!

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial - Pipe bending animation Part1/3

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This tutorial shows how to create pipe bending animation using Inventor Animation Studio. The video divided into 3 parts Part 1 https://youtu.be/VdT8J9F9UYU Part 2 https://youtu.be/dKLI8_ev0gY Part 3

Inventor Derive

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The derive command allows you to use models and assemblies as geometry and toolbodies within other part files. For 3D printing it's a perfect way to section complex parts so they can be printed in simpler pieces. Subsequent operations can be performed on the derived part without affecting the original source models and assemblies. Sketches, workplanes, and other work features may also be used from the source models.

Grid Lines

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How to create a Grid line part. The purpose of this tutorial is to help, some people will agree, others disagree, There is no point of arguing the method or technique if the result is valid and suitable to solve an issue. Remember, different peoples, different ideas, however, sometimes is easy to use what we already have that creates something that probably will consume time, effort, and money. Illogic maybe is a solution for your issue but probably there is an easy way to solve, and probably easier than this one suggested in this tutorial

How to create NPT (national pipe taper) threads using inventor

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I have had people ask me on here how I model npt threads for some of the parts I make, so I figured I would put it out there for others to see as well. Note: if you look at the threaded models I have on this website you will see that I have clearly taken more time on some of them than others, this tutorial will teach you how to do it the right and proper way.

Create Revit RFA element from 3D objects

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Create Revit RFA element from 3D objects. * Using Autodesk Inventor * If you have a 3D model file from various programs, you can import into Autodesk Inventor and convert them into REVIT RFA file type elements. You will then be able to load those into your Revit project and use.

Gear Generating in Inventor

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Gear Generator in Inventor

How to model a rope in Autodesk Inventor?

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Hi Marian, I will try to describe how I model a rope in Rhino instead of Autodesk Inventor. I am sure you can adopt these steps to Autodesk Inventor. The commands that you will need will beas follows; Twist Flow (along curve)