How To Dry Sparse FDM Parts

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When sparse FDM parts are placed into a support removal tank, they can fill up with solution from the tank and water from the rinse. Most of this solution or water will drain from parts naturally within 30 minutes of their removal from the tank. However, in some cases, geometry will trap some liquid inside. Later, this liquid will slowly leach out. To avoid this, we recommend using a vacuum and/or oven to completely remove any liquid from your FDM parts. The best method is to use the vacuum first, followed by the oven. Either method can be effective individually if you increase the amount of time the part is in the oven or the number of vacuum cycles applied to the part. The following Tutorial is courtesy of Stratasys.

TUTORIAL 2: Texture Mapping Using Materialise Magics

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In our previous tutorial, we explained what texture mapping is and when you would want to use it. In this tutorial, we will use Materialise® Magics® to demonstrate the actual process for applying textures and adding color to a 3D model.