SolidWorks Flow Simulation Tutorial with Rotating Region on Cross Flow Turbine

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In this Video tutorial i will tell you how to do flow simulation in solidworks on turbine with rotating region. we will analyze flow trajectories also.

AutoCAD | 3D Part and 3D Dimensioning

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How to give dimensions on 3D part in AutoCAD.

How to Convert .OBJ Files to VRML in Blender

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This Tutorial will teach you how to take an .OBJ file and convert it to VRML format to prepare it for 3D printing.

AutoCAD | Design Transformer

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Step by step how to design Electrical Transformer in AutoCAD

How to Design Car Tyre in SolidWorks with Text on the Surface | Technology Explore

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In this SolidWorks Video Tutorial you will learn how to design a tyre in solidworks, also you will learn how to add text on the curved surface in solidworks. About this Channel Here you will find Videos Related to 1. SolidWorks 2. Hydro Power 3. FYP Designing and Manufacturing. 4. Electrical Engineering 5. 3D Printing 6. Low RPM Alternators 7. Manufacturing of Hydro Turbines Subscribe to this channel for all updates mentioned above. SolidWorks Complete Learning Step by Step from Basics to Advanced Level: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJR3qNZXHShwwR3BJzyv-5-Woled6n9KR Urdu / Hindi SolidWorks Learning : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJR3qNZXHShze-ZcfiGpsMjzfLY2e9Pyk Want me to Design Project for You??? Contact Me My WhatsApp: +92-322-5015598 My Facebook id: https://www.facebook.com/usman.akhtar.5 My Page link: https://www.facebook.com/solid.online.Training

How to 3D Print Textured Objects Inside Clear Plastic Blocks

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This walkthrough explains how to print fully textured CAD files encased inside transparent blocks, to help support complex parts, show vistas you never thought possible, or just increase the usability of your full-color models!

How to Convert a CAD File to an STL File

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How CAD files are exported to STL is an important process for accurate building of parts. The step-by-step process for converting CAD fles to STL was taken straight from the mentioned companies websites.

How to Remove FDM Support Material

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FDM (fused deposition modeling) Technology lets you 3D print parts in a broad range of well tested plastics. FDM materials offer specialized properties like toughness, electrostatic dissipation, translucence, biocompatibility, UV resistance, VO flammability and FST ratings. This makes them perfect for demanding designers and engineers in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, medical and other industries.

Solidworks simulation tutorials

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Follow the instructions below

SolidWorks Complete Course in Urdu Hindi Part 10 | Designing a Complete Project

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In this SolidWorks Urdu/Hindi Tutorial part I will show you how to design and assembly a complete Project in solidworks. A complete course of SolidWorks in urdu/hindi language for the beginners.

AutoCAD | Design Helical Gear

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This video how to Designing a helical Gear with AutoCAD.

Saving your Fusion 360 design in your local storage

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Hi @https://grabcad.com/cyrhuz.sortijas.bocar-1, You've mentioned earlier that your license is about to expire. The good news is it will prompt you options of renewing your educational license. I figured that you asked about these because you're worried that your precious thesis file that you put in so much effort will be lost. Luckily all design files from f360 is saved in the cloud (internet connection required). So there's pretty much nothing to worry about. Anyhow, here's a quick tutorial on how to save your f360 design file on your local storage as a safety precaution.

SolidWorks Flexible Sub-assembly (Easy way)

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Most of us find it boring to keep repeating the same mates between the same parts within large assemblies, so we make "Sub-assembly" files to work with. But unfortunately, the default configuration for ALL sub-assemblies makes them "rigid"; as if they were a single part. Here we'll know how to make them "flexible", and in the easiest way possible.
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How to convert STL to STEP using FreeCAD

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This tutorial will cover how to covert an STL to a STEP file using FreeCAD. Note: Since an STL is a mesh file, the resulting solid will not be as precise as parts made out of solids FreeCAD can export: - Step - Iges - Scad - Dxf - Dwg - Obj - Pdf And many others…

Fundamentals of the theory of industrial dust protection with bag filters

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The oldest cleaning method for bag filters (still used in mobile filters these days) consists of motorised or manual jolting equipment. With automatic regeneration, a motor is started, either at certain intervals or when reaching a maximum filter resistance. This oscillates the filter element. During the resulting movement, the deposited dust cake detaches from the filter surface and drops down into a dust collector, which is usually cleaned via dust dischargers. Mechanical cleaning is performed after interruption of the filtration. The filter bags are stressed mechanically through shaking during the cleaning operation and therefore have relatively short service lives. The periodic reversal of the flow direction (backwashing filter) is a much gentler cleaning method. Here, the filter system features several separate chambers which are cleaned individually. A combination of both cleaning methods was also often realised. For the last decades, however, the jet pulse method has become the standard cleaning method. The filter media are regenerated through cyclic, intense blasts of compressed air. This briefly causes overpressure in the filter bag during cleaning. The filter bags are briefly inflated, the flow direction is reversed and the filter cake detached (fig. 1). A supporting cage gives the bag the required stability during the filtration phase. Among other things, the cleaning cycles depend on the filter load (volume flow per filter surface and unit of time), the gas density, the raw gas charge and the particle attributes. The regeneration can be controlled in time intervals or via defined differential filter pressures.