Ballon D'or

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the prize that all football players strive to reach it Messi is the most player won. it is designed using solid works. https://cults3d.com/:1207785

Spring stiffness calculation in SOLIDWORKS

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How to calculate spring stiffness with Solidworks simulation @cadingal . Static structural analysis of a helicoil spring will be done using self contact approach to calculate spring stiffness in Solidworks.

Helicopter Rotor Blade Design and animation [TimeLapse] in Solidworks

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See 'The Light©' with the '3 Step Max'-Challenge

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I have realised, that we never disclosed any solution to this challenge: https://grabcad.com/groups/weekly-challenge-group/discussions/3-step-max so here comes a complete tutorial on how I did it. Even though the model is only 3 steps, it contains 7 features and the tutorial use 27 steps, because there are some necessary extra steps needed to make it work in my ancient (but expensive) Solidworks 2014. You will learn some essential tricks such as 'Fit Spline' along the way and maybe eventually see 'The Light©'.

Mastering ChatGPT: A Creative Guide to AI Conversations

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Welcome to the Chat GPT Pro Handbook, a comprehensive guide curated by Shekhar Mishra (@Virus1260) on GrabCAD. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just getting started, this handbook is your go-to resource for mastering the power of Chat GPT in your design workflows. In this carefully crafted handbook, Shekhar Mishra shares invaluable insights, tips, and techniques on leveraging Chat GPT to optimize your design process. From brainstorming innovative ideas to generating complex CAD models, this handbook will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to unleash your creativity. Discover how to harness the full potential of Chat GPT as Shekhar Mishra, a renowned expert in the field, takes you on a captivating journey through practical examples, real-world applications, and hands-on exercises. Gain a deeper understanding of how Chat GPT can enhance your problem-solving abilities, streamline collaboration, and expedite your design iterations. Inside the Chat GPT Pro Handbook, you'll find: Introduction to Chat GPT: Dive into the fundamentals of Chat GPT, understand its capabilities, and explore its applications within the realm of design. Creative Idea Generation: Unleash your imagination as you discover proven techniques to spark innovative design concepts using Chat GPT as your trusted brainstorming companion. Design Optimization: Learn how to optimize your design iterations with the help of Chat GPT, enabling you to create refined and efficient solutions in less time. Collaborative Workflows: Explore the collaborative power of Chat GPT, and discover how it can facilitate seamless communication, enhance team collaboration, and break down barriers in design projects. Advanced Tips and Tricks: Unlock the full potential of Chat GPT with expert tips and tricks from Shekhar Mishra. Explore advanced features, shortcuts, and hidden gems that will elevate your design workflow to new heights. Embrace the transformative potential of Chat GPT and revolutionize your design process with the Chat GPT Pro Handbook. Whether you're an experienced professional or an aspiring designer, this handbook will equip you with the knowledge and skills to take your designs to the next level. Join Shekhar Mishra (@Virus1260) on this captivating journey and unlock the secrets of harnessing Chat GPT's power for unparalleled design innovation. Grab your copy of the Chat GPT Pro Handbook today and become a master of design in the digital era.

Topology Optimization Manual

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Topology optimization manual for Solidworks. Flexible Project HAN University of Applied Sciences Mechanical Enineering Harm van Marwijk 165354

Design a Spanner Use Solidworks

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In this video i show you how to desain a Spanner in Solidworks. I hope this video will help you to design use solidworks Just enjoy it, and like it. Thanks For Watching Click this link below to see playlist Solidworks Tutorial For Beginner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIydVUl8CCM&list=PLrCicgvgI6wXUVQeBshS3xvoCs7n3D8qs And click link below to see Solidworks Lesson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJcJEn77sss&list=PLrCicgvgI6wUxhRjk_MUG-JmVxTt6W3Ou Follow my Instagram @thirdkoniago if you want to get more information https://www.instagram.com/thirdkoniago/

Gear drive Design & Animation

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Gearbox Design : Part 2 - Gear drive

How to edit Parametric Parts [solidworks]

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How to modify parametric parts in Solidworks (in just 2 slides). You can find these instructions online but this tutorial is condensed to match our parts like DIN rail and Extrusions

KeyShot: Create Stunning Automotive Visualization

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In this video, I will show you how to create stunning Automotive Renders using Keyshot. ► DESCRIPTION In this two-part series, I will show you how to create stunning automotive renderings using Keyshot. In the first part, we'll focus on creating realistic lighting and camera views for your automotive images using Keyshot's HDR Editor and camera tools. You'll learn how to use HDR editor to create custom lighting. I will also cover how to create new KeyShot camera and create perfect angle for Automotive Renders. In the second part, we'll dive into creating all the materials for your automotive design and rendering the final image in 4K resolution. You'll learn how to apply materials to different parts of your 3D model, adjust the texture and color of your materials. I will show you how to use Keyshot render settings to create sharp renderings without noise. At the end of the tutorial, I will show you how to take your final render to the next level by retouching it in Adobe Photoshop. You'll learn how to adjust the color and contrast of your image to make your render stand out. By the end of this tutorial, you will have have a solid understanding of how to use KeyShot's lighting tools and features to create a realistic 3D automotive render that stands out. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced 3D artist, this tutorial will provide valuable insights and tips to enhance your rendering skills. *Support my work on Patreon and gain access to exclusive perks.* *By becoming a patron, you'll be able to download 3D models and complete 3D scene files used in my tutorials, along with other valuable resources.* 3D Scene ➡️https://bit.ly/3o7FjYf 3D Model ➡️https://bit.ly/42Oh28m ( Free Download - Credit to: RexFu. )

Solidworks: Sheet metal (23)

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I hope this video useful for everyone want to become professional design of engineer I have a channel in youtube about CAD 3D, I hope this useful for you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw_Zp8rsvtI01SnhkM_4FAw

CATIA - Electrical enclosure roof design using sheetmetal design

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This video contains step by step procedure to create an electrical enclosure roof using CATIA sheet metal design.


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This video contains step by step procedure to create a cardboard box using Catia sheetmetal design. Ganesh

Chain Ring

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a Chain ring step by step. This will be a long tutorial so stay calm and read all actions carefully. you can visit our Facebook page for more details about this tutorial. Our Facebook page link is: https://www.facebook.com/SolidWorksCADDesign