(VIDEO TUTORIAL) Scissor lift screw mechanism in solidworks

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So you will learn how to make this awesome scissor lift screw mechanism in solidworks

Scissor Lift Mechanism & Design in UNIGRAPHICS / Animation & Assembly

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Scissor Lift is a type of mechanism that allows for vertical displacement of some load, through the use of linked, folding supports, in a crisscross “X” pattern, referred to as a pantograph (or, simply, a scissor mechanism) Subscribe to learn more about mechanism & automation for FREE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbjnpjSOH2BrLBYhqdXW4g?sub_confirmation=1

Screw lift mechanism in solidworks

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So in this video i am making a screw lift mechanism in scratch this is very helpful for beginners in solidworks if anybody want the file just download it from my profile