How to 3D Print Textured Objects Inside Clear Plastic Blocks

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This walkthrough explains how to print fully textured CAD files encased inside transparent blocks, to help support complex parts, show vistas you never thought possible, or just increase the usability of your full-color models!

How to Use the Color Swatch Tool in GrabCAD Print

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This new feature in GrabCAD Print will help customers find and match their desired colors easier -- and faster.

How to control the transparency of your 3D printed parts- the hardest task yet!

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With multi-material 3D printers, how do you control what's transparent and what's not? Especially when you've got clear sections above, behind, and even intermixed with your color layers? This tutorial covers controlling what's clear, what's opaque, and what's tinted, even in intersecting volumes printed as one solid part! Get ready to conquer the hardest task in 3D printing!

Part 6: Color Swatch Generator Tutorial (Color Matching and Hard Proofing Step By Step)

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This tutorial describes how to use a 3D Swatch Generator and perform color matching for 3D prints, specifically on J750/J735 3D printers.

Additional methods to assign transparency for PolyJet in GrabCAD Print

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In our previous tutorial about assigning transparency for PolyJet, we described how the different settings for transparency in GrabCAD Print work and when to use each. In this tutorial, we will discuss alternative, often more advanced workflows for assigning transparency for PolyJet models. This tutorial is not meant to be a comprehensive summary of all the ways to apply transparency to a model. Like many other features of 3D printing, the applications for transparency are to a large extent mainly limited by our own creativity and ingenuity. That being said, here are some other ways to work with the transparent capabilities in PolyJet.

Transparent 3D Printing is Easy with GrabCAD Print

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The visualization tools in GrabCAD Print make clear 3D printing easy! There are a number of ways to apply transparency to your part, and then view which areas will have a matte or glossy finish. This is really helpful so you can change the orientation of the part to suit your needs.

Creo 7: How to create animation - all in one

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Creo animation - Explode State and Transparency and View

Solve change Transparency problem in solidworks

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Undo change transparency in solidworks

FreeCAD - Week 3 Create Demo Effect

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This tutorial shows you how to create transparency demo effect of a 3D model