Finishing Options for FDM and PolyJet 3D Printed Parts

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Finishing or secondary operations encompasses a broad range of processes that change a manufactured part’s properties. Engineers can employ finishing simply to improve part’s appearance and reshape it to meet certain dimensions, or use it to enhance functionality, such as increasing strength, chemical resistance, electrical conductivity and more. Secondary operations basically turn raw parts into finished goods and this isn’t limited to traditional manufactured parts. 3D printed parts can also be enhanced with secondary operations, but much like designing for additive manufacturing, different processes and best practices apply. Throughout the product design and manufacturing process, engineers should also be thinking about how 3D printed parts can be finished. Determining the appropriate finishing operations depends on the additive process, material and geometry as well as the desired aesthetics and functionality. This guide explains the primary finishing operations additive manufacturing service providers implement for FDM and PolyJet 3D printing technologies, grouped by possible finishing objectives, and compatible materials and applicable design considerations.


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here you can how to create a bevel gear using simple steps in fusion 360

SolidWorks Tutorial: Path Mate Animation with Spring Movement

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files download link is in the description of video in YouTube for your practice. In this SolidWorks Assemblies Tutorial you will learn how to arrange a path mate, we also do a simple and basic animation of whole design.

Various Fillet in CATIA

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There are different types and options of FILLET in CATIA, here is a small tutorial of it..!!


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here in this video u can find how to create a nut model using intersect command

surface design in fusion 360

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here you can find how to use surface revolve and trim in patch using fusion 360


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This tutorial is to give you guys a better understanding of how to design a fan profile much effectively..

Creating the surface model of a hand grip

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In this tutorial we will create the surface model of a hand grip. Creo Parametric 4.0 will be used for this exercise.

Data Security + GrabCAD Print

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A short tutorial to answer questions such as: -"What data is sent over the cloud with GrabCAD Print?" -"How can I make my 3D printing data more secure?" -"Can GrabCAD Print be used without an internet connection?"

Create new Plane without using Plane command

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How to crate new Plane without using GSD Plane command. New user sometime have difficulties to create references for new plane creation.
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All SWEEP surface commands in CATIA V5

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3D curve in CREO (Roll Cage)

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roll cages are same as chassis.. here is a simple tutorial on how to model a roll cage in CREO

v12 Engine Tutorial - Youtube

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v12 Engine Tutorial - Connection Rod - Part 1 - Youtube

How to 3D Print in Full Color (Part 2)

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This is the second in a series of tutorials to help printer operators who are NOT graphic artists get the absolute most out of their multi-color, multi-material 3D printers, like the Stratasys J750. We will cover how to look deeper inside our VRML files to predict if they will import correctly and how to choose the resolution of VRML files from Rhino and other artistic CAD programs to make sure they are capturing the information you want.

SolidWorks Tutorial: Magnetic Levitation Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design and Assembly 2/2

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In this SolidWorks Video Tutorial you will learn how to design and assemble Maglev Wind turbine in solidworks.