How to Create Incredibly Complex Textured Shapes for 3D Printing, Using Bump Mapping

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This tutorial covers how to use 2D images to create actual 3D depth and physical textures on your CAD parts and then 3D print them. Mainly we use Rhino to do the displacement-mapping, but Photoshop could be used as well. Files were then printed in full color on a Stratasys J750.

How to 3D Texture Your Parts for FDM Printing Using SOLIDWORKS 2019!

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Instructions on how to create physical, repeating textures you can FEEL and TOUCH on your 3D prints, using a new feature found in SOLIDWORKS 2019. (And this technique will work with ANY type of 3D printer, not just Stratasys!)

How to 3D Print Full-Color, Fully-Textured DISPLACEMENT Mapped Parts Using Photoshop!

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This tutorial covers a little-known feature in Photoshop you can use (today) to quickly create incredibly complex displacement-mapped parts for your 3D printer in full color!

Adding Textures to 3D models; Texture, Bump, and Displacement Mapping: How to Make Photo-realistic Models

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In our previous tutorials, we discussed applying colour to 3D printed models. But the Stratasys J750™ and J735™ also have more advanced capabilities, including the ability to create photorealistic lifelike product models incorporating company logos, detailed text, and graphic elements. It can also produce models with surface finishes that mimic various materials, such as leather and wood. This tutorial will explain the theory behind how these effects are applied. In future tutorials we will investigate how to quickly use these tools to achieve fantastic realistic parts.

Tutorial - Using SimulationXpress in SolidWorks for analyzing a rod?

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Here is the Tutorial.

How to Create a Gear CATIA V5 - Construction of a Gear CATIA V5

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in this tutorial i'll show ho to construct Gear in CATIA using #displacement #CirclePattern functions Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxMjKxXonKQ

TUTORIAL 3: Texture Mapping Using Adobe Photoshop (Quick)

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In our previous tutorial, we explained what texture mapping is and when you would want to use it. We also documented the actual process for applying textures and adding color to a 3D model in Materialise® Magics®. This tutorial will show some of the more advanced texture capabilities that are available in Adobe® Photoshop®

Solidworks simulation 126| How to apply displacement load?

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Learn how to apply displacement loads in solidworks. You can apply displacement load by applying advanced solidworks fixtures on a flat surface with a defined value. Body will move within set limit and will deform and strsses will produce. Evaluate whether ,your structure will go to failure or not. Solidworks simulation, how to apply displacement load?