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[DRAFT] Create an eaglecad file to g-code

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hi all of now i will share my experience of entering eagle cad file to g-code file, ok first step we install eaglecad you can download it here https://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/free-download it windows or linux and mac all bases 64 bit after we install it and finished lalukta extra file pcb-gcode- and its link here http://pcbgcode.org/file.php/download/12/167/pcb-gcode - after the extract we put the folder in the document nah if it is finished lalukita open eaglecad .exe then open options - Directions -klick Libraries, then the next browser looking for the file where we place the folder pcb-gcode-3.6. 0.4 that has been extracted, then select the folder then click User Language Program as above select folder then click Ok, then if you already have a file or layout so can be made example if not use example from eagle cad eg tutorial example and demo 1 then double click next klick file locate program Run ULP then find the location where you save pcb-gcode- is next klick pcb-gcode-setup.ulp if the view go to klick text profile with EMC suffix then press accept and make my board if there is a call save klick save wait some time if pcb click layout close close to the two view succeed file file that was saved in c: eagle / project / example / tutorial nah file is saved with format. the first stage tomorrow we continue to gradually change the file format. tap be G-code see you