Design a Windmill Blade (very easy)

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Hello all, we wanted to do a new Design Fast tutorial for replying to a follower ;) In this 7th edition of Design Fast, I will show you how to make a basic Wind Turbine Blade using Imagine & Shape, the Clay modeling application in CATIA 3DExperience R19x on Cloud. ** We want to highlight the fact that I am neither a Class-A Surface Designer or an Aeronautic Engineer. This tutorial will not show you how to design a proper blade for CFD Analysis. You should use NACA Profile generated either by Excel or Matlab. However you can redo this tutorial for learning the tool, and use the result for Rendering and presentation purpose ** Just Enjoy the video and try to redo it on your side. Please Comment and Subscribe to our PLM Technology YouTube Channel, and visit our website http://plm-technology.com

Diseño de una turbina eólica de eje horizontal

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Turbina eólica de eje horizontal con 100 metros de alto y 120 metros de diámetro.


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Basic piston design in solidworks Follow the step by step procedure to make of your own The real piston design will differ like no of rings , skirt etc according to the requirements Ps : tis is my first tutorial 🤞 Do like and share !!! Will be uploading more Any questions do ask !

Energy chain step by step tutorial 3Ds Max

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3ds Max Animation Tutorial: fast Energy Chain Rigging Igus Energy chain full tutorial using IkSpline Solver.

Kirchoff's Laws

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You may have heard of Kirchoff's laws. They are fundamental to building and understanding circuits and go hand in hand with Ohm's law and the conservation of energy. This guide will help clear up some confusion.

Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners | SKYRIM | WAR-AXE | PART 2

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Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners | SKYRIM | WAR-AXE | PART 2

Energy-Chain/Cable carier/Cable duct - Inventor 2021 Tutorial

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This tutorial explains about creating Cable duct / energy chain in order this cable can be animated. The application usually in automation industries. #Inventor2021 #EnergyChain #InventorAnimation #Drive adaptivity #AdaptiveComponent #Adaptivesketch #Darkmode #Animation #igus Download the IGUS component here : https://www.igus.com/downloads