Seat Cowl Modeling

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I was asked how to make the my Ducati seat cowl in Catia. Unfortunately, I haven't worked in Catia for years, the model was made in Solidworks. Having worked in ProE, CATIA and Solidworks - though menu pics and verbiage may be different, they and other systems, are all capable of creating the same features with similar steps. I created a simplified PDF that shows the basic - steps taken to create this seat. These steps can be used as a frame work to design a wide variety of parts and on several CAD platforms. There are a lot of ways to do things, hopefully you find some of this useful. The model can be downloaded from GrabCAD. It is named: Ducati 996 / 998 Cafe Race Seat.

Oil funnel for motorcycle

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Motorcycle Gas Tank

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This tutorial was done quite a long time ago. It is a fairly simple construction. Maybe today I would model it differently, but it's pretty instructive just like this. You can downloada the 3D file here: https://grabcad.com/library/motorcycle-gas-tank-2

Catia V5 - Motorcycle Design - Part 1 - Blueprint Alignment

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Designing a motorcycle in CATIA. Within Part 1 we align the blueprints of the motorcycle within Sketch Tracer workbench and define the middle plane reference part within the whole Product. The files from the end of the video: https://grabcad.com/library/part-1-blueprint-alignment-1