PolyJet 3D Printing: How to Assign Colors in GrabCAD Print

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When you import a part into GrabCAD Print and you have color options, it'll default to white. This tutorial teaches you how to apply colors using the Pantone™ Color Library selection tool. This tutorial is great for users with the Stratasys J750 and other PolyJet printers.

Matching Up Your Colors with the Pantone™ Color Library

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Recently, the Stratasys J7 series began offering the Pantone™ color library on GrabCAD Print. Operators, designers, and manufacturers can now choose Pantone colors straight from GrabCAD Print. This introduces Pantone, the gold standard of color for all industries, into 3D printing and enables color-critical decisions at every stage of the workflow. The ability to use Pantone colors improves and simplifies color communication between designers, modelers, and manufacturers. For the first time in 3D printing history, you can define, communicate, and consistently produce the colors that you work with offline from the world’s most universal and established color language. You can leverage this new feature to create one-click prototypes, models with skin tones, coatings, and any other design-realism need. This improves quality and reliability of prints, cutting time and cost.