How to 3D Print in Full Color (Part 3): Clear + Texture Together

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This is the third in a series of tutorials to help printer operators who are NOT graphic artists get the absolute most out of their multi-color, multi-material 3D printers, like the Stratasys J750. We will cover how to create models with semi-transparent textures wrapped around curved, transparent bodies (taking advantage of a new slicer from Stratasys), and how to fix UV-mapping problems when wrapping 2D textures around 3D bodies goes wrong.

How to 3D Print from Adobe Photoshop

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Every sculpture, product, installation and building (successful and unsuccessful) starts with an idea. When it takes physical form, the designer gets valuable aesthetic and practical feedback. Here are some tips on when and how 3D printing can feed this process.

How to 3D Print Full-Color, Fully-Textured DISPLACEMENT Mapped Parts Using Photoshop!

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This tutorial covers a little-known feature in Photoshop you can use (today) to quickly create incredibly complex displacement-mapped parts for your 3D printer in full color!

Adjust Depth of Field using Depth Map- Photoshop

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In this tutorial I am going to explain to dynamically control depth of field using Depth Map. Also at the end of this tutorial I will explore a cool Facebook trick. Links for keyshot file, images are available at end of this tutorial.

Tips & Tricks for eye-catching renderings

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Do you want to know the hidden secrets of rendering? Have you ever wondered why your amazing renderings aren't on the 1st page? Here I'll show you some tips & tricks I discovered, found & tested myself. All thanks to myself ­čśé Note: This tutorial isn't for any specific software. What I make here can be made in any rendering software.

How to make render of the gearbox in Keyshot and present it?

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In this tutorial on the program Keyshot, you can see how to make a render, for example, the gearbox, and complete the project in Photoshop. It tutorial shows, how to create various scenes and exploded view Keyshot 4. As an example, taken this project https://grabcad.com/library/worm-gearbox-with-differential-animation-speed-render-1 You can download all material for a lesson on this link

Learn Photoshop CS6 basics in 30 minutes

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Photoshop CS6 basics in 30 minutes

TUTORIAL 3: Texture Mapping Using Adobe Photoshop (Quick)

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In our previous tutorial, we explained what texture mapping is and when you would want to use it. We also documented the actual process for applying textures and adding color to a 3D model in Materialise® Magics®. This tutorial will show some of the more advanced texture capabilities that are available in Adobe® Photoshop®

Part 4: Soft Proofing

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In our previous tutorials, we introduced the concept of proofing for full color 3D Printing, along with setting up the soft proofing workspace. Now, we will look into how to actually soft proof using some simple adjustment techniques within Adobe® Photoshop®.

Basic Technial Illustration Photoshop

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Part 2

photoshop online course | how to frame blueprint car views

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For more content like this visit Our Site ; ­čĹë www.thesavvyengineer.com Our Youtube Channel ; ­čĹë The savvy Engineer : https://bit.ly/2Caeqa

Basic Technial Illustration Photoshop

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This tutorial is a little different from the previous one but you must have a basic understanding of photoshop and perspective. Usually technical illustrations are done in Isometric view but you can do in other views as well or perspective which is a little bit harder. New document make it pretty big 2000px, 300dpi