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VishwaKarma Desai


I know a lot of things but no one seems to know. I was always fanatic about computers and wanted to do something in the field of computers but there was this inside desire to be in a field where there was physical work more than mind work. so joined mechanical where there was harmony of two, both mind and physical. I have worked with many people and most people I met have used and threw me. Now I have trust issues, I find it really hard to put trust in people and instead I put trust in myself and keep saying one mantra; 'Fu*k these chickens'


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Self Taught Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer 2014 - 2018



Workstation specs: I just ow' a mooterfuckin laptop.
Honors and awards: Never have I ever been appreciated with a medal, except in my first standard when I topped the class. But I was given a steel plate as a prize and no certificates were provided except a fuckin photograph, I have no other proof.
Interests: Computer based design, Coding, Problem Solving,

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